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How to Get Your Breast Pump Free in 3 Easy Steps

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Zomee Rechargeable Double Electric Breast Pump

  • Comfortable, efficient, and easy to use! Separate massage and expression modes help stimulate let-down and pump effectively. Mimics natural sucking, with 9 adjustable suction levels and pumping styles, and super soft breast cushions. Two flange sizes, for larger and smaller nipples.
  • Ideal for moms who pump frequently and want a quiet, easy to use pump they can carry with them. The LCD back-lit display makes it easy to see in various conditions.
  • Convenient and hygienic, with a closed anti-backflow system to prevent contamination.
  • Multiple power options: Rechargeable internal battery with AC adapter, and USB connect for laptops.
  • Zomee Breast Pumps are made with care and precision, and have a one year warranty on the motor and power adapter.

Have a TRICARE West or Central California Alliance Care Plan?
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How to Get Your Breast Pump Free in 3 Easy Steps 

step 1
Complete This Simple Qualification Form


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    step 2
    Simply Mama contacts your insurance to verify coverage
    step 3
    Simply Mama requests a breast pump prescription from your doctor and submits the paperwork for you.

    Congratulations! You’re receiving a brand new breast pump!


    Our Mission is to Get You the Best Breast Pump Possible

    Simply Mama’s founder, Kathleen Huggins, is a Registered Nurse and Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She’s been working with nursing mothers since 1980. Kathleen founded one of the first breastfeeding clinics in the U.S. as well as one of the first breastfeeding help lines for mothers. She is the author of several breastfeeding books, including “The Nursing Mother’s Companion” now in its 7th Edition and read by over one million mothers.

    Kathleen started Simply Mama because she wanted to ensure that mothers on Medi-Cal and Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans had access to high-quality breast pumps just like mothers on other insurance plans. After extensive research and testing, Kathleen chose the Zomee Rechargeable Double Electric breast pump as the best choice possible for mothers provided by the Affordable Care Act.

    Enjoy The Benefits of Using a Breast Pump

    • ***** Channell Armstrong Los Angeles, CA

      I used a breast pump with my first baby and it was so loud. This pump has been a blessing. It is small and portable, not noisy and it does the job very well.

    • ***** Danielle Gomez Placerville, CA

      I had never heard of this pump before but it is very convenient. Getting the pump was hassle free and it arrived the day after I got home from the hospital.

    • ***** Candace Franklin Santa Maria, CA

      I wondered about this pump and the quality as I used the Medela pump with my first baby. I actually prefer this pump to the Medela! It is small, and simple to use. It is easy to take to work.

    Supporting you in times of need.
    An important message about COVID-19

    We are committed to ensuring that our families continue to receive the support they need to feed and keep their babies healthy, while continuing to stay safe. With social distancing and quarantine regulations changing daily, we wanted to let you know that the staff of Simply Mama Breast Pumps are working from home and are still sending out Zomee breast pumps to interested mothers.

    View the CDC guide on COVID-19 and breastfeeding »